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Spring Framework Courses

Spring MVC and WebFlow

featuring Session Handling, Validation with JSR 303, PDF and Excel Views, Ajax and WebFlow

Spring Framework Fundamentals

featuring Dependency Injection, AOP, Integration with Hibernate/JPA, MyBatis, Transactions and Testing

Spring Security Module 3

featuring Spring Security, SSO and LDAP Authentication

Spring JavaConfig

Get rid of your XML. With MVC, Security and OAuth.

Spring Boot

featuring Spring Data JPA, Security, MVC and REST

Spring Boot Microservices

featuring Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS.

Microservice Deployment

featuring Ansible, Jenkins and AWS.


Replace your JSP with a modern, design friendly template engine.

Core Java Courses

Java Web Development

with Servlets, JSP, Model-View-Control (MVC), JSTL and Struts

WTP Plugins for Eclipse

How to use Tomcat inside Eclipse. A free one hour module!

Java Fundamentals

featuring basic java syntax, program structure, object oriented programming, databases and collections.

Java Build Tools

featuring Ant, Maven and Gradle

Groovy Programming

featuring Dynamic Typing, Closures, Unit Testing with Spock, Metaprogramming and DSLs

Java Advanced Topics

Featuring logging, generics, threading, lambda functions, memory management and collections.

Data Courses

Hibernate and JPA

featuring HQL, JPQL, Optimistic and Pessimistic Locking, Lazy Initialisation, Detached Objects and Performance

Hadoop for Java Developers

the quickest and easiest way to learn Hadoop

NoSQL Databases

with MongoDB, Neo4j and Redis

Enterprise Java Courses

JavaEE and Wildfly Module 3: Messaging

featuring JMS and Message Driven Beans (MDB).

DevOps Courses

Cloud Deployment with AWS

featuring AWS, EC2, RDS, Elastic IP and Apache


How to use the popular distributed version control tool.

Securing a VPC

with private subnets, NAT gateways and Route Tables.

Front End Courses

HTML5 and Responsive CSS for Developers

What developers need to know about HTML5 and mobile friendly "responsive" websites.

Introduction to Android

Module 1 - Building an App.


Replace your JSP with a modern, design friendly template engine.

Coming Soon Courses

Docker Module 2: Production Grade

Production grade Docker - in development for August 2017

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