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Docker Module 2 for Java Developers

Production grade Docker with Swarm
  • This course moves your Docker skills to production grade, with multi container deployments to real hardware.
  • Networking
  • Volumes
  • Integration with Maven
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Swarm
  • Docker Stacks
  • Deploying to EC2
  • (there will be a short module covering ECS in the future).


you'll need to know the basic Docker commands and workflow - module 1 of the course is a great way to prepare.

Contents - Equivalent to a three day course


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2 m 47 s
An overview of the course


Docker Networking

51 m 9 s
Docker's networking support enables you to develop your system as separate containers, all connected together via a virtual private network. It's simple and elegant.



25 m 0 s
When you need to store data permanently, you'll need volumes and mount points.


Docker and Maven

37 m 52 s
How to run an image build and push from Maven, using the Fabric8 Docker Maven Plugin (DMP).


Docker Compose

38 m 57 s
You don't want to be starting up endless containers just to run a system. Docker compose will co-ordinate multiple containers from a single file.



28 m 41 s
This is the core of the course - how to distribute your containers across multiple physical hardware instances.



49 m 21 s
Production grade compose files to deploy across swarms. Also how to enact a "rolling update".


Deploying to EC2

45 m 4 s
How to deploy to EC2 instances - we finally run the full microservice architecture that we built on other courses.


Service Discovery

24 m 8 s
Because Docker features its own DNS based discovery service, you may not need other service registries such as Netflix/Spring Cloud Eureka. We show how to remove Eureka and demonstrate that everything still works well, including Ribbon load balancing and Hystrix Circuit Breakers.



4 m 2 s
A summary of the course and a few words on ECS (EC2 Container Service).

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