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About Us

Who are Virtual Pair Programmers?

Virtual Pair Programmers launched its first course in 2009. It was set up by Richard Chesterwood, an experienced trainer who was looking for ways to help customers who couldn’t attend courses he was running due to cost or travel constraints.

The company is headed up by Richard and fellow trainer Matt Greencroft. Richard and Matt first met when studying mathematics at university in 1991. They have between them worked as programmers in defense, banking, risk analysis, financial management, information management and web consultancy, and so have great industry experience to draw on in their training programmes.

Matt and Richard are supported by managers Janey Stone and Julia Kay. Janey joined the company in 2012, to look after customer service. Janey deals with most pre-sales enquiries, and manages the technical support team who deal with technical queries for each course.

Julia joined us as Business Development Manager in 2014 to help us expand our Corporate sales, and improve our communications with existing and potential customers.

Where do we operate?

Today, Virtual Pair Programmers serves customers in over 92 countries worldwide, from Albania to Zimbabwe, from our head office in Yorkshire, UK.

We have a growing network of affiliates, partners and resellers all over the world, who earn money by promoting our courses. You can find out more about these programmes here.

We work with a number of freelance video editors and producers, and a small but dedicated network of technical experts who support customers with technical queries relating to the courses.

We’re managing our growth very carefully, to ensure that we can keep customers at the focus of everything we do. But we’re looking for new trainers right now – if you would like to join us, send us a message.

Meet the team

Richard Chesterwood

Richard Chesterwood

You’ll often find Richard on some bleak, desolate landscape, as he's a keen mountain runner. He loves the challenge of covering distance, over difficult terrain, on just two feet! Richard is currently learning to play the guitar, and you’ll occasionally find him, with a group of friends, practicing in the back room of a local pub!

Matt Greencroft

Matt Greencroft

As well as being a trainer, Matt is also a professional master of ceremonies, and officiates at about 20 weddings and charity events a year, making sure everything runs smoothly and that all the guests are having a great time. Matt enjoys cycling, but prefers going downhill to uphill, and he also plays the piano… very badly.

Janey Stone

Janey Stone

Janey's work is split between Virtual Pair Programmers and a local events company – similar roles in two very different organisations which always makes for an interesting life! Outside of work Janey spends most of her time looking after her 6 year old daughter, and her husband, who sometimes needs even more looking after!

Julia Castle

Julia Castle

Julia is the business development manager for a number of small companies, looking after their marketing and helping them connect with customers, potential customers and suppliers. Her absolute passion outside of work is dancing – she teaches classes twice a week, and thinks it's a great way to keep fit, express yourself, be social and have fun.

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