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This page contains the latest news from Virtual Pair Programmers. To keep up to date with our views on the industry, what we're doing, and other thoughts from our trainers, you might also want to check out:

The Late Podcast 4 : Amazon AWS Interview

16 Aug 2017

In June we recorded an interview with Ian Massingham, Worldwide Lead, AWS Technical Evangelism at Amazon Web Services.

Listen now (or read the transcript if you prefer) at All Things Java

Podcast #6 - Reactive

07 Aug 2017

In this podcast we muse about Reactive. What is it, and what courses should VirtualPairProgrammers do? We talk about Spring's upcoming WebFlux framework. Also news on the recent Docker release, and what's going to be in the new Web Development course.

New course - Docker Module 1

31 Jul 2017

The first module in the Docker series introduces Docker, especially for Java/JVM developers. Learn all about the power of Docker, how to manage containers, images and how to work with DockerHub.

Subtitles will be available in a day or so!

A second module will follow in late August, covering Networking, Jenkins/Maven integration, Docker Swarm, Stacks and Compose. We'll be deploying a full microservice architecture.

Podcast #5 - Kotlin

24 Jul 2017

In this episode Richard and Matt discuss Kotlin and what it can offer to the full stack Java developer. Plus updates on the progress with course development.

(Episode 4 is an interview with Amazon, which is currently undergoing their approval - we hope this will be released eventually)

New server locations available now

13 Jul 2017

We've added two new servers to our content delivery network - United Kingdom (London) and India (Mumbai).
So, if you have any latency problems and one of these locations is near to you, try them out by switching servers using the link at the top of the video page.

New Course - Thymeleaf

04 Jul 2017

Get rid of the JSP from your Spring or Spring Boot applications. Our new course takes you through how to use Thymeleaf, and why working in standard XHTML is much more productive than JSP.

Podcast 3 - all things Java

15 Jun 2017

Matt and Richard discuss the thrilling subject of "Who Owns Java?". Is it Open Source? And why do Oracle think that Google owes them $8billion.

Also, progress on upcoming courses and some musing about the future direction of VPP's support process.

Podcast 2 - all things Java

31 May 2017

In this second podcast, Richard and Matt talk about the upcoming JavaEE 8, what it is to be a full stack developer, langauges such as Kotlin and updates on progress with Thymeleaf and Docker courses

Having an "Unsupported major.minor version" with Tomcat?

26 May 2017

Many of our courses that use the Tomcat web server were written with Java 7, and we include Tomcat versions 7 or 8 in the practicals and code files. Unfortunately these versions of Tomcat are not compatible with Java 8. If you try to deploy a WAR file built Java 8 to Tomcat 6.0, you're likely to get an exception which will look something like this:

java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/package/myClass: Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

To get around this problem, you can either upgrade to Tomcat version 9 (which you can download from http://tomcat.apache.org/download-90.cgi) or you can compile your web application with Java 7 compliance. This second option is very easy to do - simply open your project properties (right click on the project folder and choose properties from the menu) and in the pop up window, select Java Compiler and change the "Compiler compliance level" from 1.8 to 1.7.

The first Virtual Pair Programmers podcast

19 May 2017

Trainers Matt and Richard have been debating recording a podcast for some time. Inspired by The Stack Exchange podcasts (that sadly finished in 2014) and The Java Posse (whose last podcast was 2 years ago), we think it's time for someone to come along and fill the gap, and so we've decided to give the challenge a go!

We discuss the current state of Java 9, and Jigsaw in particular, plus we touch on thymeleaf, JSF, and there's an update on what we're working on too.

The latest on Java 9... will it be delayed, features removed, or released with problems?

11 May 2017

In case you’ve not been following the progress of the next release of Java SE, Java 9, we thought we should let you know what the current status is (or at least our current understanding of it!).

As you might expect, the next version of Java will have some changes in it from the earlier versions. By far the biggest, is the introduction of Jigsaw, an API for building modular applications. Some have described this as a bigger change for Java than when generics were introduced back in Java 5.Read more

SHA-1 is broken... and it has now been proved

20 Mar 2017

This will be of relevance if you've done (or are interested in) our Spring Security series of training modules: it has long been known that SHA-1 is theoretically broken, but it has now been actually broken.

shattered.io shows how it is now possible to create two materially different files which generate the same SHA-1 hash.

Of particular note is that GitHub uses SHA-1 to generate names for every object you store; there's a commentary on how this affects them here.

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