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Replace your JSP with a modern, design friendly template engine.
  • Thymeleaf is a great templating engine which you can easily use in any SpringMVC or Spring Boot application. Join Matt Greencroft as he shows you:
  • How Thymeleaf allows you to seamlessly work with Web Designers
  • How to integrate your code into standard HTML/XHTML without breaking the design
  • How to manage forms, validation and error handling
  • How to convert a legacy JSP project to Thymeleaf


You will need some experience in either SpringMVC or Spring Boot to do this course.

Contents - This short course is equivalent to a full day's live training


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12 m 6 s
Getting started and how to add Thymeleaf as a Maven Dependency.


Getting Started

18 m 36 s
Writing your first basic Thymeleaf template.



31 m 5 s
Using basic Thymeleaf attributes, such as dynamic text replacement.


Loops, Conditions and Links

32 m 20 s
Dynamic repeating data, such as tables and lists. Also, how to use conditions and links.


Building Pages

26 m 21 s
Building pages uses fragments and how to link to resources such as stylesheets.


Working with Forms

45 m 10 s
How to build a form, with validation and re-presentation


Thymeleaf and SpringMVC

49 m 26 s
How to use Thymeleaf in a traditional SpringMVC application - and how to mix with legacy JSPs.

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