Java Web Development Second Edition: Module 1

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Java Web Development Second Edition: Module 1

Module 1 - Servlets, Form Handling and Security

3.5 hours (approx)

  • This course covers the first steps in the process of becoming a professional Java Web Developer.
  • Servlets are covered in detail, together with associated web concepts such as sessions, form management and GET/POST.
  • This first module covers the basics, and will be followed by a second module which will include JSP, Ajax, Asynchronous Servlets and Websockets.
You'll need to know some basic Java first


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Introduction 20m 18s

An introduction to the course. For this second edition of the course, we use an embedded version of Tomcat, which makes for easier and faster development.


Getting started with Servlets 38m 7s

Servlets are the most basic tool in Java Web Development. Although professional projects rarely use them directly, they are still often "behind the scenes" and it is very useful to have a knowledge of how they work.


Servlet Exercise 8m 21s

Your chance to practice building a servlet.


Handing Forms 16m 31s

How to pass data from the webpage to your Java code.


GET and POST 26m 30s

Any good web developer needs to know the difference between these two methods of sending data to server side code.



This is a common "pattern" for developing the flow of webpages; it solves a common problem in web applications and avoids such horrors as duplicate submissions.


Sessions and Cookies 40m 5s

How to use Server Side Sessions, and where Cookies fit in.


Servlet Security 33m 29s

How to use BASIC and FORM authentication using the basic web.xml based syntax provided in the servlet standard.

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