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Angular Module 5: Security and Deployment

Become a full-stack developer building front-ends with Angular
  • This is part 5 of 5 modules which cover building Angular front ends for Java applications.
  • Become a full-stack developer by learning how to build responsive and reactive front-ends with Angular.
  • In this fifth module, we'll learn how to implement security for both the Angular front end and the REST api, and we cover building and deploying the appilcation


Basic Java knowlege is assumed. No prior Javascript / Typescript knowlege is needed. You should complete the earlier modules of this course before starting this module.

Contents - Approx. 3.5 hours


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Login and Route Guards

Introduction to security

2m 47s

An overview of the login functionality

2m 10s

Implementing the AuthService and Login component

4m 17s

Implementing a Route Guard

7m 10s

Redirecting with route guards

6m 19s

Authenticating users via REST (basic authentication)

The concept of Basic Authentication

4m 6s

Implementing Basic Authentication in Spring

9m 35s

Testing basic authentication

1m 59s

Implementing Basic Authentication in Angular

9m 16s

Configuring CORS for basic authentication

6m 54s

Securing the REST API with JWT

Why JWTs are a good idea

5m 31s

What are JWTs

6m 47s

Preparing Spring Boot for JWTs

5m 40s

Generating a JWT

9m 43s

Generating the Payload data

5m 45s

Testing the JWT

4m 47s

Validating a JWT

3m 45s

Configuring Spring to use bearer authentication part 1

8m 5s

Configuring Spring to use bearer authentication part 2

8m 2s

Configuring Spring to use bearer authentication part 3

3m 11s

Testing validation of the JWT

7m 35s

Implementing JWT Authentication in Angular

Storing the JWT received from the server

3m 50s

Sending the Bearer Authorization header

4m 5s

Dealing with the 403 response code

4m 5s

Finding out the user's role

6m 36s

Surviving a browser refresh

The risks of storing a JWT

5m 37s

Setting up a JWT Cookie

2m 8s

Sending a cookie from Angular

6m 12s

Using the cookie for authentication

7m 25s

Securing the cookie and getting the user's role

11m 29s

Surviving the refresh

3m 45s

Using the XMLHttpRequest header

3m 5s

Exercise 1 - Finishing the Application

1m 30s

Exercise 1 - Solution walkthrough part 1

4m 51s

Exercise 1 - Solution walkthrough part 2

10m 13s

Building and Deploying

Compiling an Angular project

2m 56s

A note about using Git with Angular

1m 32s

Deploying an Angular project

3m 17s

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