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Kubernetes Microservices Module 1

Production Microservices in the Cloud.
  • Use Kubernetes to Orchestrate production workloads.
  • This first Kubernetes training course covers the fundamentals - workloads (Pods, RelicaSets, Deployments) and Services.
  • Some patience is needed installing Minikube!
  • Module 2 (estimate: late June) will be covering microservices, networking, helm, mongodb, AWS deployment with Kops, and (the best bit) monitoring, logging and alerting using ELK (aka ElasticStack).


No specific requirements - anyone interested in managing real production workloads are welcome. Docker knowledge is useful but we will give a working overview. There are hands on exercises throughout but you don't need to do any coding!

Contents - Apart from installing Minikube, the course should take about a day to complete.


Having problems? check the errata for this course.



2m 56s
A brief overview of the course


Welcome to Kubernetes

12m 24s
What is Kubernetes (sometimes known as "K8S") and what can it do for you?


Installing Minikube

24m 16s
Minikube is a local installation of Kubernetes for use in testing and development

Additional Information for Windows 10 Professional

3m 34s
If you want to use the built in hyper-v instead of VirtualBox, follow the guide here.


Docker Overview

28m 52s
In case you haven't used Docker before, a quick overview of how it works


Getting Started with Kubernetes - Pods

24m 45s
We'll focus first on the most basic concept in Kubernetes - Pods



34m 25s
How to access your pods from the "outside world" using Services


Practical Session

10m 4s
A chance to practice - a new pod and service.



34m 25s
Pods on their own are not robust. We'll see how to use ReplicaSets to ensure that your pods are always running. Also we can ensure that multiple instances of any given Microservice are always operational.



24m 33s
Another step up from ReplicaSets are Deployments - these enable us to perform zero downtime "rolling updates". If things go wrong, we can do a rollback.


Course Summary

3m 25s
A preview of the upcoming Module 2

Let the Course Come to You

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