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Angular Module 2: Typescript

Become a full-stack developer building front-ends with Angular
  • This is part 2 of 5 modules which cover building Angular front ends for Java applications.
  • Become a full-stack developer by learning how to build responsive and reactive front-ends with Angular.
  • In this second module, we'll learn the basics of the Typescript programming language, and how to debug Angular applications, and how to write and run unit tests.


Basic Java knowlege is assumed. No prior Javascript / Typescript knowlege is needed. You should complete module 1 of this course before starting this module.

Contents - Approx. 3 hours 15 minutes


Having problems? check the errata for this course.

Introduction to typescript

Module introduction

1m 52s

Similarities to Java and the impact of TSLint

6m 7s

Data types and variables

3m 36s

Declaring variables

6m 17s

Working with Arrays

9m 46s

Loops and conditions

5m 26s

Classes and objects

Understanding Javascript objects

3m 12s

Creating classes

5m 16s

Class attributes

3m 23s

Constructors and methods

9m 40s

String templates

2m 39s

Some hints for debugging classes

2m 53s

Object equality

4m 57s


Creating an enum

2m 55s

Looping through an enum

4m 37s

Enums with values

3m 39s

Retrieving a label from its value

5m 5s

Services and dependency injection

What is a service

2m 15s

Creating a service

7m 21s

Dependency Injection

3m 11s

Exercise 1 - dependency injection

1m 28s

Exercise 1 - solution walktrhough

2m 40s

The observer design pattern

The need for the observer design pattern

9m 41s

Introducing the pattern and creating an observable

4m 53s

Triggering an event, and creating an observer

7m 46s

Dealing with errors and the complete event

5m 32s

Unsubscribing an observer

3m 4s

Exercise 2 - observer design pattern

2m 5s

Exercise 2 - solution walkthrough

6m 47s

Debugging in Angular

Introduction to Debugging

1m 4s

Debugging with Visual Studio Code

5m 12s

Debugging with IntelliJ

4m 43s

Unit testing

Creating a Unit Test

5m 56s

Running a single test

3m 58s

Test evaluation methods

2m 36s

Fixing the app component tests

5m 23s

Testing behaviour

3m 59s

Testing components with service dependencies

9m 18s

Mocking services

13m 20s

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