Securing a VPC

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Securing a VPC

with private subnets, NAT gateways and Route Tables.

This short course will only take about 1.5 hours to complete.

  • This short follow on module to "Microservice Deployment" shows how a VPC can be fully secured on AWS. We'll demonstrate the Internet Gateway, NAT and how to manage a private subnet.
Prior knowledge of AWS is assumed. The example system uses our microservice architecture developed in the Microservice services of courses, but you can apply these concepts to your own systems.


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Securing a VPC 44m 20s

How to define public and private subnets in a VPC (and why this is a good thing). Also, how to define blocks of IP addresses using CIDR ranges.


NAT Gateways 34m 47s

You also need a NAT Gateway so that traffic can be routed out to the internet. We also look at Routetables, and what you should do with your security groups. Finally, a reminder to clean up any resources you have allocated. YOU MUST DO THIS or you will incur on going charges from AWS.

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