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JavaEE and WildFly Module 1 : Getting Started

Getting started wtih JavaEE and Wildfly.
  • This is the first of 3 modules in a series of courses covering JavaEE 7 with the Wildfly application server from JBOSS.
  • This module covers setting up the Wildfly server, configuring your development environment, and creating a client-server application using RMI and EJBs.
  • We will be releasing a further module in the series, covering JavaEE Web applications.

Contents - Equivalent to a 2 day training course. The running time of the videos is 6 hours.


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14 m 26 s
An overview of JavaEE and what this course covers.


Installing WildFly

12 m 47 s
WildFly (previously known as JBoss AS) is a leading application server. Here we install and configure it.



33 m 34 s
Enterprise Java Beans are the basic building blocks in JavaEE.



42 m 57 s
To write a remote client, we can access the EJB using JNDI.


More EJBs

57 m 40 s
Dependency Injection, Local Interfaces and Stateful Beans



30 m 46 s
CDI (Context and Dependency Injection) is an extension to the basic DI system offered in JavaEE 5. We use it here to switch implementation classes.


JPA and the Database

43 m 12 s
JPA (for database mapping) is a part of JavaEE. We have a full course covering JPA, but this short chapter is a good starting point if you are brand new to it.


JPA on the Server

33 m 57 s
Calling JPA from an EJB is much easier than doing it by hand - here we show how the @PersistenceContext annotation works, and how to configure a connection pool in WildFly.



25 m 12 s
Although transactions are handled automatically in EJB, you need to know about Transaction Propagation!



26 m 40 s
Rolling back is "semi automatic". Here Matt shows how to force a rollback if you're using checked exceptions.


Coming Next

2 m 22 s
Modules 2 and 3 will be covering Messaging, Webservices, the Web Tier and Security.

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