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Introduction to Android

Module 1 - Building an App.
  • Get started quickly with Android. Starting with installing the IDE (Android Studio) and configuring Emulators, you'll be building a small but functional App using GUI Views, Activities and Intents.
  • We'll be showing you how to design for different tablets and phones. Also, we'll be deploying the App to a real Android device.
  • This is Module 1 of a series, in Module 2 we expand the App and go into more depth.


A good working knowledge of standard Java is needed.

Contents - Equivalent to 2 days live training.


Having problems? check the errata for this course.



24 m 32 s
Installing the IDE (we'll be using Android Studio); how to set up the Emulators for Phones and Tablets.


Your First App

27 m 16 s
Our "Hello World" App will be a simple layout.

Errata for chapter 2

11 m 44 s
Since we recorded this course Android have made some changes to the default layout, and there's a small bug in the current version of Android Studio - this short additional video covers those changes.


Project Resources and Internationalization (i18n)

13 m 38 s
How to manage multiple resource bundles, how to switch them based on the user's locale.


UI Widgets and Events

29 m 16 s
How to respond to events such as button clicks.


UI Design

48 m 48 s
We now begin with a more realistic App (a Quiz). We look at how to design for multiple form-factors, Tablets and Phones.


Navigation and Intents

51 m 43 s
Using Intents to move from one Activity to another. We start with "Explicit" Intents.


Passing Data and Implicit Intents

28 m 19 s
We now complete the application, and enable a "share to social media" function.


Deployment to a live Device

11 m 29 s
If you have an Android device to hand, you can now deploy to that device.

Let the Course Come to You

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