Practical Akka Http and Microservices

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Practical Akka Http and Microservices

Connect Akka Actors and Reactive Streams to external sources.

contains over 10 hours of video - equivalent to 2-3 days of live training.

  • This course will show you how to connect Akka systems to the outside world by acting as a REST server or client.
  • You'll be able to integrate Akka into a microservices architecture
  • You'll understand how you can communicate between Akka systems and with non-Akka based systems.
  • How to set up security and HTTPS
This is a follow-on course to the Practical Concurrency with Akka course and the Practical Reactive Streams With Akka courses. You should have completed both course and be comfortable creating actors and streams using the Akka Typed API before starting this course.


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Course introduction 4m 31s Preview

Creating our first server

Creating a source out of incoming connections 14m 21s Watch
Handling incoming connections synchronously 15m 25s Watch
Running the server 12m 16s Watch

Processing incoming connections

Marshalling and unmarshalling with JSON 10m 39s Watch
Marshalling and unmarshalling from Akka 6m 13s Watch
Handling incoming connections asynchronously 25m 1s Watch

Basic routing

Reafactoring the code to use routes 7m 29s Watch
The routing DSL 18m 8s Watch
Routing with parameters 18m 32s Watch

Exercise 1 - building a server

Creating a server to receive transactions 11m 0s Watch
Solution walkthrough part 1 - posting a transaction 17m 9s Watch
Solution walkthrough part 2 - getting a transaction status 11m 22s Watch
Solution walkthrough part 3 - adding in paths and testing 9m 27s Watch

Security and custom directives

Setting up an SSL certificate 19m 33s Watch
Basic Authentication 16m 50s Watch
Adding authorization 8m 24s Watch
Better authentication with custom directives 16m 53s Watch

Going deeper with routing

Understanding directives and Routes 6m 0s Watch
Building a routing tree 13m 10s Watch
PathMatchers, Dynamic path segments, and passing data to inner routes 12m 47s Watch
Revisiting rejecting routes 5m 26s Watch
Routing structure - best practice 7m 29s Watch

Scaling up and Backpressure

Backpressure and Akka Http 15m 1s Watch
Using Streams in the server 17m 11s Watch
Refactoring our code 7m 16s Watch

Integrating routes and streams

Using streams 14m 11s Watch
Extracting entities as sources 19m 13s Watch
Using complex graphs 14m 59s Watch

Exercise 2 - Integrating Streams

Exercise 3m 16s Watch
Solution 17m 17s Watch

Rejections and Exceptions

Pre-validating routes 19m 50s Watch
Going further with rejections 11m 42s Watch
Dealing with exceptions 4m 59s Watch

Testing routes

Testing routes 15m 21s Watch

Exercise 3 - Case study

Loading up the case study 4m 59s Watch
Designing the complete system 5m 22s Watch
Setting up the project 9m 39s Watch
Exercise 3 - part 1 (creating the server) 7m 15s Watch
Solution walkthrough 15m 43s Watch
Exercise 3 - part 2 (applying security) 1m 51s Watch

Keeping the connection alive

The problem of CORS 15m 51s Watch
Using websockets 13m 32s Watch
Discarding entity bytes 3m 2s Watch

Creating a client

The connection level API 20m 36s Watch
Host level API 14m 21s Watch
Request level api 11m 57s Watch
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