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JavaEE and WildFly Module 2: Webservices

with SOAP and REST
  • This second module covers remoting and webservices in JavaEE.
  • We start with SOAP, and then move on to REST.
  • Full coverage of REST webservices, including HATEOAS!


You will need to be familiar with the basics of EJBs and JavaEE - for this you can study module 1 in this series.

Contents - equivalent to 3 days of live training.


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19 m 58 s
If you haven't studied module 1, then we show how to setup your workspace.


SOAP Introduction

44 m 50 s
The basics of SOAP and how to export an EJB to a SOAP endpoint.


SOAP Clients

28 m 22 s
How to call a SOAP endpoint in Java, using wsimport.


HTTP Verbs

25 m 34 s
This is a warmup for the REST section of the course. You don't need to watch this if you already know GET, POST, PUT and DELETE - and the reasons why you would use each.


REST Representations and URIs

18 m 2 s
The first two major aspects of REST


REST Services

25 m 36 s
Coding a REST service in JavaEE and Wildfly


REST Clients

37 m 27 s
Using REST-Easy to call the service.


Content Negotiation

20 m 22 s
How to support multiple content formats.


Error Handling

30 m 32 s
Correct use of HTTP Status codes.



31 m 40 s
How to pass parameters in a "RESTful" way.


HTTP Operations

36 m 5 s
How to correctly implement PUT and DELETE.



44 m 0 s
The final major principle in REST - it's not often applied and we talk about why this is.

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