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JavaEE and Wildfly Module 3: Messaging

featuring JMS and Message Driven Beans (MDB).
  • Learn how to send and receive messages using the Java Messaging Service (JMS) with the WildFly Application Server.
  • You'll be using the Point-to-Point and Publish-Subscribe models, and you'll find out how to use batching and transactions to ensure message delivery.
  • With this course, you can build robust and scalable architectures!


You'll need some experience of working with and deploying to WildFly - you can get this by studying the first two modules in this series.

Contents - Over four hours of video, equivalent to a 2 day live training course.


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Course Introduction

22 m 0 s
An overview of the JMS Library. Why do Messaging? The Point-to-Point and Publish/Subscribe models.


Sending a Message

30 m 34 s
Sending your first message to WildFly's ActiveMq Broker.


Receiving Messages

46 m 35 s
How to pull messages from the Queue.


Tuning Messages

20 m 48 s
How to set an expiry time and priority - and what guarantees do these settings offer?


Browsing Queues

15 m 20 s
You can write code to list the contents of a Queue.


The Publish-Subscribe Model

20 m 28 s
This model allows multiple receivers via a "subscription". This is more flexible than point-to-point, but it is also more complicated - you'll need to understand "durable" subscriptions.


Transactions and Batching

31 m 52 s
Often, you need to guarantee a message is definitely consumed, and that it is processed once only - we see how to do that here.


Sending from EJBs

25 m 38 s
Sending a message from an EJB is much easier than doing so manually.


Message Driven Beans (MDB)

19 m 38 s
An extremely useful form of EJB, an MDB is permanently connected to a Queue. We also see how multiple MDBs are pooled to give concurrent processing.


Handling Problems

20 m 8 s
What happens if a message fails to be processed?


Message Redelivery

21 m 31 s
We use ActiveMqs redeliver feature to handle transient problems such as network failure.

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