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JavaEE and WildFly Module 1 : Getting Started

This is the first of 3 modules in a series of courses covering JavaEE 7 with the Wildfly application server from JBOSS. This module covers setting up the Wildfly server, configuring your development environment, and creating a client-server application using RMI and EJBs. We will be releasing a further module in the series, covering JavaEE Web applications.

JavaEE and WildFly Module 2: Webservices

This second module covers remoting and webservices in JavaEE. We start with SOAP, and then move on to REST. Full coverage of REST webservices, including HATEOAS!

JavaEE and Wildfly Module 3: Messaging

Learn how to send and receive messages using the Java Messaging Service (JMS) with the WildFly Application Server. You'll be using the Point-to-Point and Publish-Subscribe models, and you'll find out how to use batching and transactions to ensure message delivery. With this course, you can build robust and scalable architectures!

JavaEE and Wildfly Module 4: JSF

How to use Java Server Faces (JSF) to build component based web applications. Includes third party component libraries and PrimeFaces.


*** UPDATE - March 2016 *** Parts of this course have now been replaced with a new module covering JavaEE7 with the Wildfly application server. Become a proficient Java Enterprise developer with this comprehensive online video training course covering all of the major topics in JavaEE. Featuring CDI, EJB3, JNDI, JPA, JSF 2, Webservices, JAX-WS and JAX-RS. The course was recorded using Glassfish 3 (JavaEE 6). Glassfish 4 (JavaEE 7) adds some minor new features but the fundamentals are not affected. This course is suitable for both JavaEE 6 and 7 projects.

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