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Spring JavaConfig

Get rid of your XML. With MVC, Security and OAuth.
  • By popular demand! How to use JavaConfig instead of XML in your Spring Applications.
  • The course covers the basics of JavaConfig, suitable for all Spring Applications.
  • How to use "Configurers" for MVC, Security and OAuth applications.

Contents - Equivalent to a full day's live training.


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The Basics

46 m 49 s
How JavaConfig works, the @Configuration, @Bean and @Import tags.


The Business Tier

47 m 35 s
We now start work on a full stack Java Application, starting with the business tiers. We learn about the @Profile annotation, and how it allows for dynamic wiring.


The Web Tier

66 m 15 s
How to work with Spring MVC and JavaConfig. This chapter introduces the important concept of "configurers".


Spring Security and OAuth

47 m 34 s
How to use the Configurers for Spring Security and OAuth. The WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter, AuthorizationServerConfigurerAdapter and ResourceServerConfigurerAdapter.

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