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Spring Boot Microservices

featuring Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS.
  • Get your Microservices to production standard! On this course, you'll use Spring Boot to develop a small set of Microservices, collaborating as a full system.
  • Starting from a poorly implemented architecture, we use the Spring Boot Cloud and the Netflix OSS stack to make the system resilient to failure.
  • We use Ribbon Load Balancing, Hystrix Circuit Breaks, Feign and Spring Cloud Config.
  • There is another module in this series ("Microservice Deployment") which shows how to deploy the system to real hardware, using continuous deployment.


You'll need to be comfortable with creating, modifying and running Spring Boot applications. Watch the "Spring Boot" course if you need to learn the basics.

Contents - The running time is 7 hours, expect to spend several days of study!


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30m 0s
An overview of Microservices


Sending Messages in ActiveMq

44m 30s
We'll be using JMS messages to decouple our Microservices - we haven't covered JMS with Spring on previous courses, so it's time to put that right!


Receiving Messages

35m 7s
Using a Message Driven Pojo - MDP - to consume from the queue.


Running Microservices

38m 38s
How to start up the Microservices we've supplied - you'll also be adding a message listener.


Service Discovery with Eureka

46m 35s
Service Discovery is a critical component of a Microservice architecture. We're using Eureka from Netflix OSS, which is part of the Spring Cloud.


Finding Microservices

17m 3s
How to "lookup" the location of a Microservice using Eureka.


Client Side Load Balancing

28m 49s
You may need to run multiple instances of your microservices - Ribbon from Netflix is an easy way to do so.


Fail Safety with Hystrix

28m 37s
Hystrix, another Netflix component, provides a fallback function so in the event of a microservice failing, you can provide a sensible result back to the user.


Circuit Breaking with Hystrix

49m 42s
Hystrix also provides a circuit breaker - we take some time to carefully demonstrate why and when a circuit breaker might "open".


Declarative REST with Feign

28m 16s
We've got a more robust system, but the code is horrible. Feign (again, Netflix) ties all of the previous work together through a very Spring-like interface driven API. No more RESTTemplate!


Cloud Config Server

45m 9s
You need some way of distributing global properties to your Microservices. Spring Cloud has a solution.


Course Summary

6m 36s
There's lots more to come - how to deploy the system to real hardware? How do we develop locally without having to start up everything manually? All this and more in the next module...

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