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Microservice Deployment

featuring Ansible, Jenkins and AWS.
  • This course shows how a microservice architecture can be automatically deployed to a cloud based platform.
  • Continuous deployment using Jenkins.
  • Configuration Management and Provisioning using Ansible
  • Using AWS for Microservices
  • Elastic Load Balancers
  • Auto Scaling Groups
  • Elastic IP allocation
  • Blue/Green Deployment Pipelines


you need to be comfortable with using AWS; you can prepare for this course by following our "Cloud Deployment with AWS" course.

Contents - This is a long and detailed course, equivalent to 10 days of live training. Ansible should take 3 days, Jenkins 2 days and the remainder, 5 days.


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Course Welcome

4 m 30 s
A quick overview of the course. Docker and Securing the system using VPC will be covered in a separate module.


The Cloud Environment

19 m 0 s
A very important chapter which you must follow!


Introducing Ansible

27 m 0 s
and how to install it


Ansible Ad-hoc commands

22 m 30 s
An introduction to the basic Ansible commands


Ansible Playbooks

21 m 0 s
We now build a more realistic "playbook" and discover that Ansible is idempotent!


More Playbooks

23 m 0 s
Going further with Playbooks.


Automatic EC2 Provisioning

14 m 0 s
We can also automatically create and destroy EC2 instances using Ansible. We automate the creation of a Jenkins server, which sets us up for part 2 of the course!


IAM and Security

47 m 30 s
You need to create AWS credentials to automate provisioning. YOU MUST be very careful not to leak these privileges, as described in this video.


Dynamic Inventory

28 m 30 s
This very powerful feature means we can progress our script without needing to constantly terminate EC2 instances.


Firewalls and Variables

22 m 0 s
Some final improvements to the script before we move on to the next section of the course.


Continuous Integration and Deployment

18 m 30 s
An overview of the development practices of CI and CD.


Getting Started with Jenkins

32 m 30 s
The initial configuration (including unlocking) and the first checkout from GitHub.


Jenkins - A Full Build

13 m 30 s
Running the full Maven build from Jenkins.


Automatic Builds

9 m 0 s
How to trigger the build from GitHub pushes.


Jenkins Provisioning with Ansible

37 m 0 s
How to call Ansible from Jenkins to deploy and provision. Also how to configure credentials via some Jenkins plugins.


Deployment Pipelines

34 m 30 s
A great introduction to the Pipeline feature - we can now fully configure our builds in the code repository.


Part 3: Introduction

5 m 30 s
Now for bringing it all together, using Ansible and Jenkins to deploy a production workload.


Global Config Server

46 m 30 s
The first steps in deploying Global Config Server: Autoscaling Groups, Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and Availability Zones (AZ)


Elastic Load Balancing

33 m 30 s
How to use ELBs to achieve high availability and a fixed domain name for the config cluster. NOTE: ELBs incur high on-going costs - ensure you delete them when you finish the course.


Production Eureka 1

40 m 0 s
Getting Eureka into production is tricky - we've broken it down into 4 steps - here you get the first instance up and running.


Production Eureka 2

20 m 0 s
Eureka needs to bind itself to an EIP - to make this happen, some security changes are required.


Production Eureka 3

10 m 0 s
For versions of cloud up to and including Camden, a fix is required to your Eureka server...


Production Eureka 4

19 m 30 s
Finally we make Eureka clustered and Highly Available


Production ActiveMQ

34 m 0 s
We use an EC2 instance to run ActiveMQ. We show what would happen in the event of a Queue outage.


Production WebApp

24 m 30 s
Now we bring the webapp into service.


Blue/Green Deployments

29 m 0 s
A simplified deployment technique for minimal downtime and continuous deployment


Production Microservice

45 m 0 s
At last the Microservice is brought into the system!



30 m 0 s
An extra item on how to link to a cloud relational database. This will improve the running of the forthcoming stress test...


Hystrix Monitoring

29 m 0 s
What happens when the system is under load and a microservice is redeployed?


Cleaning up your AWS Account

18 m 0 s
YOU MUST DO THIS OR YOU WILL INCUR ONGOING CHARGES!! Plus, a taster of what's to come next...

Let the Course Come to You

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