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Get started with an exciting Kubernetes "Service Mesh"
  • Fully revised and updated for Istio 1.5 (April 2020)
  • This course aims to make Istio understandable, and will demonstrate the massive benefits a service mesh can bring to a live Kubernetes cluster.
  • Run Istio locally and try out its features using Minikube.
  • Traffic Management, Telemetry, Distributed Tracing, Security and Fault Tolerance are all explained in detail.


Prior experience with Kubernetes is assumed. The course uses Minikube, but you will need sufficient RAM to be able to allocate 4Gb (eg 8Gb Host RAM should be sufficient).

Contents - The course is around 11 hours, with lots of hands on demos.


Having problems? check the errata for this course.

Course Introduction


3m 39s

Getting Started

What is Istio?

18m 58s

Hands on Demo

Getting Istio Running (Updated for Istio 1.5)

19m 11s

Enabling Sidecar Injection

5m 9s

Visualizing the System with Kiali

16m 34s

Finding Performance Problems

14m 25s

Istio Architecture


17m 31s

Introducing Envoy - The Data Plane

13m 10s

The Control Plane

16m 49s

Going Deeper into Envoy (Optional Video)

23m 3s


Starting the Demo System

10m 29s

Kiali Deeper Dive

23m 4s

Kiali Dynamic Traffic Routing

12m 32s

Distributed Tracing Overview

14m 22s

Using JaegerUI

17m 12s

Why you need to "Propagate Headers"

20m 31s

What happens if you don't propagate headers?

6m 29s

Metrics with Grafana

15m 18s

Traffic Management

Introducing Canaries

9m 43s

Canaries with Replicas

10m 15s

Version Grouping

7m 42s

Elegant Canaries and Staged Releases

11m 30s

What is an Istio VirtualService?

19m 52s

VirtualService Configuration in yaml

12m 25s

What is an Istio DestinationRule?

15m 58s

Load Balancing

Session Affinity ("Stickiness")

18m 49s

What is Consistent Hashing useful for?

21m 52s


Why do I need an Ingress Gateway?

19m 48s

Edge Proxies and Gateways

23m 39s

Problems with Gateways on NodePorts

6m 4s

Prefix based routing

14m 53s

Dark Releases

Header Based Routing

10m 47s

Dark Releases for all Microservices

24m 33s

Fault Injection

Fault Injection

19m 53s

Troubleshooting Pilot Problems

10m 47s

Circuit Breaking

Cascading Failures

24m 37s

Configuring Outlier Detection

22m 41s

Testing Circuit Breakers

16m 59s

Mutual TLS

Why is encryption desirable inside a cluster?

18m 14s

How Istio can upgrade traffic to TLS

6m 41s

Enabling mTLS Policies

3m 45s


19m 9s

Customizing Istio

Introducing Istioctl

9m 11s


9m 4s

Customizing Profiles

8m 49s

IstioOperator Files

23m 42s

(optional): Enabling third-party jwt tokens on Kops

7m 20s

Default vs Demo profiles - CPU and Memory Requests

19m 2s

Generating YAML Manifests Using IstioOperator

14m 44s

Installing (DEPRECATED - Istio 1.4 and earlier only!)

Installing using Helm DEPRECATED - Istio 1.4 and earlier only

17m 47s

Setting autoscaling and requests DEPRECATED - Istio 1.4 and earlier only

20m 30s



3m 41s

Let the Course Come to You

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