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Docker for Java Developers

Module 1 - Getting Started
  • A quick "getting started" guide for all JVM based developers.
  • What is Docker?
  • Deploying Containers
  • Building your own Images
  • Deploying Tomcat and Spring Boot Containers
  • Publishing to DockerHub
  • A follow-on module, covering production scale docker deployment, goes into more detail - check out module 2!


Suitable for anyone with previous experience of Java Web Development or Spring/Spring Boot.

Contents - Equivalent to three days of live training


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3 m 11 s
An overview of the course.


What is Docker?

16 m 5 s
Details of what Docker is, and what it can do for you!


Installing Docker

17 m 8 s
Because Docker relies on a Linux Kernel, installing can be tricky. We'll guide you through it.


A Deployment Scenario

23 m 7 s
Rather than plodding through hundreds of Docker commands, we run through a scenario that you might find yourself in - you'll be deploying a full Java Web app without worrying about nasty details such as environment variables!


Managing Images

40 m 30 s
An introduction to DockerHub, and how to do day-to-day work with images.


Dockerfiles and Building Images

34 m 14 s
At last, we build our own image - using a Dockerfile. We setup a JDK based image, running a small Java service.


Deploying Tomcat and WARs

33 m 11 s
How to build an image containing a Tomcat stack, and how to get a standard WAR deployed to it.


Deploying Spring Boot

12 m 10 s
It's even easier when deploying a Spring Boot container!


Publishing to DockerHub

6 m 34 s
To finish, we show how to upload to DockerHub


Coming Soon

3 m 28 s
This was just the basics....the next module will move to production grade Docker, featuring Networks, Integration with Maven and Jenkins, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm and Docker Stacks. A full microservice architecture awaits!

Let the Course Come to You

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