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WTP Plugins for Eclipse

How to use Tomcat inside Eclipse. A free one hour module!
  • This short module (2 chapters of 30 minutes each) show how to use the WTP Plugins for Eclipse. The Plugins give a set of tools to make web development easier.
  • Our "Java Web Development" and "Spring MVC " courses both use a simple Ant script for deployment, meaning they can be followed on any IDE (development environment).
  • However, many professional projects will use the WTP Plugin for Eclipse to automate tasks such as running a server and deploying.
  • This course shows how you can use the plugins to quickly deploy to running servers.


This course is suitable for anyone using Eclipse for Java Web Development.

Contents - The module lasts for an hour.


Having problems? check the errata for this course.


Getting Started

31 m 2 s
We begin by installing the WTP Tools for Eclipse. Then we explore the basic features, including how to integrate with the Tomcat Server.


Hot Deployment

38 m 22 s
We now go further with WTP, and get Hot Deployment working. This saves a lot of development time. We will also convert an existing project to work under WTP.

Let the Course Come to You

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